Binman questioned on huge bank transfer!

Gerald, 27, a bin-man from Montreal was struggling to pay the bills before his life one day changed forever.

Walking out of the police station with a big smile on his face, Gerald Anderson never imagined life would change so dramatically over the past couple of days. The father of two barely made ends meat and sometimes had to rely on state funds to help him through life. He also lived in a state sponsored flat so it is pretty obvious that money was scarce in the household.

After his ordeal at the police station, we wanted to hear his story. Gerald was kind enough to give an interview and if we may admit, he was very excited to tell us his story.

‘’I was at my flat on Thursday afternoon watching television when two police officers knocked on my door. It wasn’t so unusual. In our neighbourhood the cops regularly patrol, it's not a wealthy area so times are tough and people resort to the wrong things sometimes.’’

‘’I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it, the police informed me that they were there to question me. I happily went to the police station, I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong.‘’

‘’That is why I am walking out of the police station with a huge smile on my face today. As happy as can be. A whole new life awaits me. The cops only did their job. It must look a bit suspicious if a bin-man’s financial situation side flips overnight but now they know my situation is totally legal. And I must say, they seemed quite jealous.’’

‘’The first thing I would like to do is to move to a better area and put my girls into a better school. We are also planning a holiday for the first time ever.’’

Because of the state of his financial situation, it was no surprise that the bank alerted the police when they saw the enormous transaction to his account.

He got us curious, so we had to ask how he managed to get into this situation:

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