The 22 year old nanny got bored and played this app on the child's phone and won the jackpot. Ongoing court battle to see who rightfully owns the money!

Before we reveal what we are talking about we would like to take a quick moment to mention that here at The Financial we normally never cover this subject and there is a big chance you will never see this again, this article could be removed at any given moment.

The entire reason we did decide to reveal this amazing information is because we honestly feel it can help a lot of our readers that are currently struggling financially.

We also want you to know that we have done intensive research and that we are not putting this out there for personal gain.

If you are still reading this you are probably wondering by now what we are talking about…

How are we able to give you the best day of your life? What is all this about?

We don't want to keep you waiting any longer so allow us to explain exactly how we can make this the best day of your life…

How does a few extra thousand dollars deposited right into your bank account sound?

You heard that right!

As it currently stands every single person aged over 18 in Canada is able to "earn" thousands of dollars with the online casino called "Grand Mondial Casino".

If you are like us and spend a few hours per day browsing you have most likely seen a few Advertisements for "Grand Mondial Casino" and admittedly this is also how we first heard about them.

And if you are smart, which you probably are you also understand that online gambling can bring a lot of risks, or any other kind of gambling for that matter.

You probably also think this is just another marketing gimmick right?

We get it! You must have heard it all before…

Asking yourself those questions is the right thing to do and we would completely understand if you close this website right now and leave, but this is not what it seems.

For those that do decide to hear us out, you just made a very wise choice!

Before we explain how we can potentially change your life by the end of today we do want to make it VERY clear that we would normally never endorse gambling but since we know "Grand Mondial Casino" is trusted and currently impossible to lose with we can't keep this to ourselves.

This is for YOU and not for us.

Allow us to explain how thousands of people in Canada are already taking home a few thousand dollars each month without losing with Grand Mondial Casino

Ever heard about the term "Startup Companies"?

Startup companies are new businesses that are looking to gain customers so their ONLY focus is on brand awareness and growing their audience.

At this stage the most important part is getting investors to invest in your company and most companies are willing to lose a few million in the process.

Take a look at for example on YouTube…

Both of them were losing money for years keeping their website up and running, and don't forget about all the people they had to hire to keep everything going…

Millions were lost in the process but look at them now!

Grand Mondial Casino is doing exactly this and luckily for us, unlike or YouTube, you can actually a lot win money.

Grand Mondial wants to become the biggest online casino in Canada, just like they have achieved in Australia, Singapore, and Germany, and is willing to "lose" millions of dollars so you will tell all your friends and family about them.

It all makes sense…

What is the first thing you do when you win a lot of money?

That's right, you are going to tell your friends and family and they will probably want to know all about where, what and how, and you will be more than happy to tell them!

Currently Grand Mondial Casino has an special promotion for people in Canada when they first sign-up, for just $10, Grand Mondial Casino is offering 100 spins on a machine that has a payout of $1,000,000 if you win; all you have to do is confirm your age (this is only available to over 18s and they're very strict about this).

From our reports almost half of the people who have tried this win something on their free 100 spins, and the other half deposit a small amount and have reported walking away with hundreds, some even thousands!

Everyone in our office has been taking advantage of this amazing opportunity and we can tell you that there is a lot of smiling going on! Our very own reporter Michelle Park wasn't as lucky as some on her 100 free spins, but then she decided to deposit $10 and walked away with $10,587.31 within the hour! Michelle said "I was so happy! I withdrew the cash straight away. My New Years resolution is to save more money so I can take my whole family on a trip at the end of the year." Well it's looking good so far!

Keep in mind that Grand Mondial Casino is not going to be able to offer this promotion for a long period of time.

We here at The Financial are obviously hoping they extend this promotion, but it's looking doubtful, so we recommend trying it ASAP!

Take a chance and you won't regret it!

P.S. We love chocolate and flowers if you feel the need to thank us for this tip!



Doreen Smith

I've seen it in the news recently.This is amazing, they are simply giving money away?I am just gonna register before there are no coupons left.

CommentLike • 12 minutes ago
Claudia Kelleher

This is a sign! My husband and I currently have financial problems, this could be our solution!

CommentLike • 13 minutes ago
Felix Johnson

I've been playing for some time.Lately, I've just won.I thought this was just a stroke of luck, now I have noticed what is behind it. Had known from the start, I would have played much more, haha!

CommentLike • 46 minutes ago

Sophia Jones

I am really sceptical, but somehow I have to try it... if not I will definitely regret it later.

CommentLike • 46 minutes ago
Joanne Finch

@ Joshua, you have no idea of what you are talking about.This is fully regulated! I started 2 weeks ago myself.I have already received several pay-outs so I could pay off the a big part of my house loan... and that was not exactly cheap!

CommentLike • 12 minutes ago
Joshua Taylor

This is complete misdirection!Why should they simply give money away.In my opinion, something like this should not be in the news, is all fraud!

CommentLike • 1 hour ago
Stephen Harris

My brother works in the gambling industry and told me a long time ago.We kept it for ourselves, as we did not want to reveal our gold mines.Hopefully enough remains left for everyone ...

CommentLike • 2 hours ago
Andrew Brown

I really want to try this now. Would be awesome if I could earn something besides my 9-5 job!

CommentLike • 2 hours ago
Katy Robinson

I heard this yesterday in the news and signed up immediately.Fortunately, I still have a couple of days off work so going to make the most of it! My account balance is growing by the hour! I can’t believe how easily it is!

CommentLike • 2 hours ago
Yvonne Walker

Cigarettes and alcohol break up families too and nevertheless it is allowed.The only difference here is that you can actually win here!

CommentLike • 2 hours ago
Eric Tremblay

Gambling ruins your life! Sooner or later you will steal from friends and family to fuel your addiction! I’m out thanks.

CommentLike • 4 hours ago