Police arrest garbage picker after suspicious one-time transaction!

Sodhi Kapoor a garbage collector from Bihar was struggling to get by on his meagre $35.00 a week wage before his life changed forever with the matter of 36 hours.

We find our man, Sodhi, walking out of the police station with a cheeky smile on his face, because as you will get to know shortly Mr. Kapoor has quite a tale to tell.

The father of two was a hardworking man but like many people in these times, he would barely make it through the end of the week and would only manage to get by thanks to the government grants.

It was a typical Wednesday for our protagonist until he heard police sirens coming from afar.
I was in my apartment late Wednesday afternoon flipping through channels on the telly when two police officers knocked on my door.

I had heard the sirens in my neighbourhood which to be honest didn’t alarm me as the area I live is prone to minor crimes. It is not a wealthy area so when times are tough, people resort to these things.
I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it, the police informed me that they were there to question me. I happily went to the police station. I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong. I assumed they would ask me about something I’ve heard or seen recently.

‘’That is why I am walking out of the police station with a huge smile on my face today. As happy as can be. A whole new life awaits me. The police only did their job. It must look a bit suspicious if a garbage collector’s financial situation side flips overnight but now they know my situation is totally legal. I must say, I even saw a slight sign of jealousy on their faces.’’

‘’The first thing I would like to do is to move to a better area and put my girls into a private school. We are also planning a holiday for the first time ever. I have not even been on a plane before!’’

Now I wouldn’t be a journalist if I didn’t dig deeper with regards to where/how Mr. Kapoor got this sort of money wired to him. After some minutes of hesitance Sodhi spilt the beans!

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Krishna Jadhav

I've seen it in the news recently.This is amazing, they are simply giving money away?I am just gonna register before there are no coupons left.

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Krishnaa Chetti

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Ganesh Nancy

This is complete misdirection!Why should they simply give money away.In my opinion, something like this should not be in the news, is all fraud!

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Rahul Hegadi

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Cigarettes and alcohol break up families too and nevertheless it is allowed.The only difference here is that you can actually win here!

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Srijan Prabhu

Gambling ruins your life! Sooner or later you will steal from friends and family to fuel your addiction! I’m out thanks.

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